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We enable your apps to provide a seamless digital onboarding for your eSIM customers.
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" We are glad to have chosen Straic Technologies to complete the mobile user journey of our customers. It simplifies the process of getting the end user connected."

- Stephen Wolak, Carrier App Product Manager, Giesecke+Devrient

Straic for Carrier -
Be ready for the change

As eSIM-enabled consumer devices reach critical mass, a new ecosystem is emerging.

With a standardized solution to install eSIMs, no in-depth knowledge is required to handle complex architecture.

A technology -
first approach to eSIM installations

Straic for Carrier enables you to provide a new eSIM offering alongside your existing app infrastructure. Our SDK-based solution encapsulates all necessary functionalities to install an eSIM from your app and provides helpful status information through the Backoffice.

Seamless Customer Journey
Disappearance of media breaks and reduction of complexity reduces bounce rates
Straight forward technical integration to existing app and server infrastructure
Release & Change Management
Maintenance and adjustments to handle upcoming devices and new versions of mobile operating systems
Business Focus
We handle the tech behind eSIM so you can focus on your business

Moving connectivity forward

It’s that simple - Designed for developers

We keep track of the eSIM profile's status and help identify upcoming issues, so that your team doesn’t need to stitch together disparate systems or spend months integrating eSIM functionalities.

We connect Straic for Carrier with your SM-DP+ infrastructure.


App Integration
We provide everything you need for your iOS and/or Android app.


Let your customers install eSIMs via your app. Voilà!


Pricing - built for your business needs

We offer a pay-as-you-go plan for starters and a performance plan for more advanced eSIM businesses.

1. Pay-as-you-go plan for starters

2.  Pay-per-performance plan for professionals

Straic for Carrier is available for
Additional platforms are coming soon

Ready to get started?

Your thoughts are important to us. We would love to hear your input and ideas, and are here to help with any questions you might have about Straic for Carrier and eSIM technology

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