Say Thank You.

With mobile Data!

Forget pens and coffee mugs, give your contacts
something they really need: Connectivity.
And get a validated email address in return.

Get Connected. And say thank you with mobile data.

We believe that the world doesn't need more lighters and lanyards.
We believe in digitization and innovation; that today a good giveaway must be digital as well as sustainable, but above all useful.
We believe in new technologies and we live them!

That's why we built a tool to distribute mobile data as an incentive.
Short registration mask - GDPR compliant - validate the email address et voila:
the user gets e.g. 3 GB for immediate use.

Trade Fair and Event Organizers

Offer your trade fair customers an innovative and sustainable tool for lead generation.


Discover new marketing possibilities with Straic. Offer alternatives that everyone can us.


Offer mobile data as a bonus product or as an incentive while traveling


Innovative, digital, and worldwide available - Attract new fans, reward loyal fans, and stay in touch

Your designs.
For landing page & activation app.

As an eSIM based solution, Straic is the easiest way to offer connectivity for every business, for every purpose.

Want to see Straic in action?

Our solution is designed to push customer engagement forward.
Book a custom demo and see our technology in action.
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